Crossfit Addison Endurance
Run smarter, Not Harder.

Who We Train?

Our program can benefit all endurance athletes; runners, triatheltes, swimmers, cyclists, trail runners, adventure racers, and ultra-endurance athletes. This program will also benefit the average crossfitter who wants to improve his/her wod times and/or become a more proficient endurance athlete.


Our program provides an alternative to the old school doctrine of Long, Slow, Distance; which called for the athlete to build a “base” through long hours of exercise. Obtaining this “base” increased the athlete’s risk of injury through the constant pounding of the joints and the continual wear and tear of the athletes bodies. In contrast, we train athletes based on Crossfit Endurance techniques and teachings. We believe our program is a better alternative providing the athlete with increased speed, power, cardio and respiratory work capacity and stamina with less risk of injury. We teach our athletes to be more skilled efficient runners and emphasize quality of work over quantity of work and base our training on the three metabolic pathways.

What the program provides

Our goal is to see you accomplish your goals. Our certified coach is dedicated in helping each athlete achieve their personal goals.

• Sport specific training and programming
• Posture running introduction and development
• Injury prevention skills and pre/post-race routines
• Training and race day nutrition and resources.

How we produce results

In addition to the athletes regular Crossfit workouts we add 2-3 endurance specific WODs. The workouts include tempo runs, interval sprints and time trials. We build upon the functional fitness that Crossfit provides and increase the athletes endurance while limiting the risk of injury.

Getting Started

Membership cost, contact Cliff and Zach


Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm Weekend Class will be scheduled on a weekly basis


Crossfit Endurance Certified Coach, Zachary Smith, trained with the collegiate cross country team at his Alma Mater. The program was the epitome of LSD, Zachary logged 70-80 miles a week building his base. Zachary is well versed in many distances, having raced 5k’s up to marathon distances. He is especially passionate about trail running and adventure races. Zachary is now a proud member of the Crossfit community and is excited about your future in the sport of fitness.

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